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Wednesday Discussion: What's Left?


Roughly a month remains of what has proved to be a second consecutive abysmal season for the Hornets. At 22-46, New Orleans is last in the West, and though they likely won't catch the depths to which Orlando and Charlotte have sunk, they have decent odds of finishing in the bottom 5 (currently third in lottery position).

Of course, 2012-2013 has featured a number of bright spots that last year did not. The biggest positive of 2012 was that the team may have discovered some backups for the future in Greivis Vasquez, Al-Farouq Aminu, and Gustavo Ayon. In 2013, the team has almost certainly discovered two primary contributors for its next contender in Ryan Anderson and Anthony Davis, and that's to say nothing of the Eric Gordon situation, Greivis Vasquez's development, or even Robin Lopez's solid-if-you-ignore-his-defensive-rebounding-which-hey-why-not-comma-the-team-as-a-whole-is-not-terrible-at-it play.

And so a discussion topic for today: what do you most want to see over these last 20-odd games? Is it Gordon maybe taking some of his strong first halves and developing the stamina necessary to keep it going in later quarters? Is it Anthony Davis getting some valuable, high-leverage minutes, or is that even a realistic expectation at this stage given how Monty's chosen to deploy him all year? Or, and I know this is a tough, tough sell for a second year running, are you keeping an eye first and foremost on lotto positioning?