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Jason Smith Out for The Season

Due to a lingering shoulder issue, Jason Smith will have surgery and miss the rest of the season

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Let it sink in, folks. The next time that we see Jason Smith, he will be a Pelican. Due to a torn labrum, the reoccurring issue for Dwight Howard by the way, Jason Smith will have surgery on his shoulder and miss the rest of the season. It was a second consecutive solid year for Smith; who really brings invaluable grit and heart to the roster, but one that also saw him miss frequent time with injuries (a problem for a few players on the team, it seems). Moving forward, the team will probably need to look elsewhere for another big man. Complicating matters even further is that Anthony Davis will miss his second consecutive game with his own shoulder issues and is day to day as well.

We'll chalk it up as another shot to a rough season. Here's hoping for a full recovery for Smith.