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Tyreke Evans has left ankle sprain, will miss 1-2 weeks

Jonathan Daniel

The Pelicans announced today that Tyreke has a left ankle sprain, which should cause him to miss 1-2 weeks. It's good news after he crumpled awkwardly to the court going to the basket against the Thunder - it definitely looked like it could have been far, far worse. As it stands, the Pelicans should only be without his services for four to six weeks games.

It's another setback for Evans's ankles, though - he had another problem rolling one in almost the exact same situation during the preseason, when he was driving to the lane, turned his ankle, and had to miss most of the rest of the preseason. It's not something that's likely to go away anytime soon, since his game is so predicated on slashing to the rim. Perhaps we'll just have to get used to seeing Reke on the sidelines every so often with ankle injuries.

Evans had really been doing great of late, too. He had a terrible start to the season, with an ORtg of around 70 for his first 5-10 games. Since then, he's really picked it up and has lifted it all the way up to 98. He'll be really missed while he's injured.