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Pelicans are Thunderstruck: Lose the Game (109-95) and Evans

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Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Much like the Pelicans second half, I suffered a power outage around halftime -- thanks Cleon. When I was able to start viewing again, the Pelicans were down double digits and another player. Outside of cutting the deficit to 9 points several times, the Pelicans never seemed like they were legitimately going to mount a charge.


- Tyreke Evans re-injured his left ankle on a layup attempt with 2:10 remaining in the 3rd quarter. He appeared to land awkwardly and had to be helped off the court and to the locker room. During preseason, Evans missed 19 days to the ankle sprain. Considering he left last night's game on crutches, a similar timetable appears quite probable.

- Jeff Withey made an appearance and actually was the first reserve into the game. He grabbed 3 rebounds in 9 minutes but came close to doubling that total with excellent activity. Joel Meyers said it best, "Withey is going to get better as he gets more reps." Let's hope Monty complies.

- Al-Farouq Aminu shot 3-14 from the field. Yeah, his jumper remains quite unreliable but what concerns me more are his attempts in and around the paint. He missed too many from in close, looking more like a raw rookie than an NBA player in his 4th season. Can't help but wonder who should shoulder most of the responsibility for that - the coaching staff or Aminu.

- The Pelicans grabbed an astonishing 19 offensive rebounds. A good deal of that was due to the poor shooting display (37.5 FG% / 18.8 3FG%), nevertheless, it's a shame they were not able to convert on more putbacks. A number of times this year, the announcers have made comments about nothing falling for stretches, as though it's bad luck. However, I tend to see lots of inexperience and lack of composure. Instead of practicing jumpers and more complicated shots, I'd sleep better at night knowing our team is putting in the work on the more basic attempts.

- Austin Rivers can't get a break. Besides Brian Roberts continuing to play ahead of him in the rotation, the referees decided Nick Collison deserved a block instead of a foul on Rivers only field goal attempt, yet he got whistled for a phantom infraction on a Derek Fisher 3 point attempt. Blah.

- Jason Smith didn't try a long 2 until the 2nd quarter.

- Ryan Anderson is officially cold and this team is in deep trouble if it continues. In the last two games, he's 11-36 from the floor and 2-11 from behind the arc.

- At least Jrue Holiday --16 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists and 4 steals -- continues to look worlds better than he did in approximately his first 10 games as a Pelican.

The Pelicans have 4 days off before they host the Detroit Pistons next Wednesday. Down Davis, and now likely Evans, the team will need the time to regroup. We're going to require a lot of strong individual performances, if we have any hope of notching a few victories the next several weeks.