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Bird Feed: Pelicans Top the .500 Mark

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Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

- Many have remarked the officiating from last night's game was questionable, at best, and Jrue Holiday supported this notion:

To tell you the truth, I just wanted the game over. It was the 3rd overtime and I felt like the calls had not gone our way. I was surprised how open I was. Coach just called a good play. I don’t think I have ever been that wide open with 4 seconds left

- Ryan Anderson amassed 56:30 of court time against the Bulls. The last three to play that extensively were DeMar DeRozan, Gordon Hayward and Channing Frye. Their combined FG% for the following game? 37.5%.

- Anthony Davis is still yet to play professionally within the Chicago city limits:

For the second year in a row, Anthony Davis has been robbed of his homecoming...

"He certainly wanted to play here," Pelicans coach Monty Williams said on Monday before the game. "One of the first things he said to me when we got back in the locker game was, 'Two years in a row.' It took me a minute to realize what he was talking about. But he really wanted to play here. I feel bad for him."

- Speaking of Davis, the Pelicans should have an update regarding his prognosis sometime this afternoon.

- For the first time this season, the Pelicans record contains more wins than losses, but it might be difficult to sustain. Although the next four games on the schedule will take place at home, it includes the Mavericks, Thunder and Grizzlies.