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Game Preview: Pelicans vs. Grizzlies

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Andy Lyons

Tonight, the Pelicans will face the Grizzlies for the second time this season. Back on November 6th, New Orleans bested the Marc Gasol-led squad in what practically amounted to a rout, 99-84. Were it not for a loose 4th quarter, the difference would have easily surpassed 20 points.

So what's going to be different tonight?

For starters, Anthony Davis and Marc Gasol are obviously going to sit this one out, but Ryan Anderson and Zach Randolph will participate. Remember, Zach had to leave the November game early for the birth of his baby boy and Ryan, of course, was out with his toe injury.

The Grizzlies will only be playing in their 2nd road game in the past 10 games and they've gone 3-5 in the 8 games Gasol has missed. Consequently, their shiny 5-3 road record doesn't hold much water. In addition, there is a chance defensive whiz, Tony Allen may miss his 5th game in a row. And don't forget Quincy Pondexter (fractured foot) was ruled out for the rest of season 3 days ago.

Very likely, the key matchup could boil down to Jrue Holiday and Mike Conley. Both teams will rely heavily on their point guards, who have shown the ability, and have needed to, carry their respected loads in recent weeks. Many probably view Conley as the more consistent guard, but Holiday is undoubtedly heading into tonight as the hotter player.