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Pelicans get by Knicks, 103-99, but lose Anthony Davis

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At the 1:33 mark of the first quarter, Anthony Davis came out of the game, apparently with some sort of injury to his left hand. As trainers tended to him on the bench, Davis was seen grimacing. Shortly thereafter, he was taken back to the locker room and didn't emerge until just before halftime, his left hand heavily wrapped.



Injury Update - Anthony Davis suffered a non-displaced fracture in his left hand. He will not return tonight. A timetable for his return TBD.



As for the game, the Pelicans exhibited some excellent fortitude. They had several chances to pack it in but battled through the adversity rather well. And really, three players shone brighter than the rest.

- Ryan Anderson was a pure marksman when the team needed him most. He scored 31 points, grabbed 6 rebounds and drilled 7 NY-back-breaking bombs. His 14-point 3rd quarter was absolutely huge. Reportedly, our team was somewhat (and understandably) dejected at halftime and the team could have rolled over. The Arsenal was a big part in making sure that didn't happen.

- Al-Farouq Aminu, who I felt should have started the 2nd half in place of Davis, finally got on the floor since his benching. His defense, rebounding and overall athleticism was another big proponent on how the Pelicans were able to escape the Big Apple with a win. Going forward, let's hope Monty can set aside whatever differences he has with Aminu -- we're going to need him.

- Tyreke Evans had himself a heck of a game, just outstanding. Playmaking? 7 assists against 1 turnover. Efficient scoring? 24 points on 13 shots. Yeah, I must admit I was contemplating on turning off the game following his ill-advised 3 point attempt, but thankfully, that ended up being the only one on the night.

Really wish I could delve further into the analysis but it's just too hard. Losing your franchise player to a broken bone cuts deep. Then, add the fact our playoff chances might have realistically ended, Davis' All-Star bid in his hometown probably evaporated and New Orleans 2014 1st round draft pick increased in value, overall it was a really painful Sunday night.