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Bird Feed: David Stern headed to New Orleans

Thearon W. Henderson

David Stern will be on hand to watch tonight's home tilt between the Pelicans and Lakers. He was part of the team that kept basketball in New Orleans during the franchise's turbulent last five years, and for that he's being honored tonight by Bobby Jindal and Mitch Landrieu. But that also means that he gets to be asked all kinds of bizarre questions, which is pretty fun. For instance, he claims he hasn't seen Pierre the Pelican and as a result conveniently has no opinion about the new mascot. Unless he doesn't look at the internet, I doubt that's possible.

The Lakers are coming off a big win against the Rockets on the road. I watched the game last night, and the Rockets were very shaky with the ball and the Lakers hit a ton of threes (16 for 35). Here's a recap from Silver Screen and Roll and one from The Dream Shake. The Pelicans would do well to profit from Houston's example - if they gamble and try to take get steals in the lane or deny the midrange jumper, the Lakers have tons of players that can shoot from beyond the arc.

We have previews for the Lakers game - one from the Times-Pic and another one from the Advocate. Obviously, they're both making hay of the triumphant return of Xavier Henry to New Orleans. The Times-Pic even projects him to start, which seems pretty odd to me.