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Bird Feed: Reactions to the Pelicans' big win over the Grizzlies

Andy Lyons

We have the recaps leading things off - the first from the Advocate and the second from the Times-Picayune. Grizzly Bear Blues has a fantastic recap up from the Memphis point of view - amusingly, they picked the same photo Rohan did to grace the cover of the recap. Jimmy Smith also has his three things that he got from the game - seems like he kind of mailed it in on this one.

The national sports media is starting to get a feel for how truly ridiculous Anthony Davis is at basketball - the USA Today posted a quick article about how dominant Davis has been thus far, accompanied by this excellent gif.

Ryan Schwan at Bourbon Street Shots broke down the Pelicans' defense using the four factors to identify why we've been kind of woeful (before the Grizzlies game) on the defensive end. It's not complicated - though we're excellent at defensive rebounding and pretty good at forcing turnovers, we're allowing our opponents to shoot a high effective field goal percentage and we're fouling a lot.

On the fouling bit, Greg Stiemsma and Jason Smith are the obvious culprits (Stiemsma is committing an astonishing 6.1 fouls per 36 minutes). However, it's also important to note that are guards are having issues, too - Tyreke Evans is over 4 per 36 and Jrue Holiday is almost at 3.5 fouls per 36.

On the effective field goal percentage issue, though, it's important to read Ryan's breakdown - we're just conceding a lot of easy high-value shots, and that's by the design of the defense, depressingly. It's important to note, however, that just 5 games into the season, the team is sitting just below league average in defense. If this continues, that'll be a huge improvement from last year and possibly enough to propel the Pels into the playoffs.