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Bird Feed: Monty says Davis is the Pelicans' Best Player

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

After the first three games, its becoming clear that even in a team with more established and higher-paid guards, Anthony Davis is very obviously the team's best player. Monty said as much to the Times-Pic:

``He's our best player and guys have to recognize that,'' Pelicans coach Monty Williams said. ``I still think we've got to look for him more than we do. I'm pointing that out to the guards.''

Frankly, if you're a Pelicans guard and you're not already looking for Anthony Davis on most possessions, you're crazy - the other options in the post are all pretty terrible.

The Advocate focuses on the team shot-blocking and assist totals in the wake of the Pelicans' runaway victory on Saturday night. I'm not quite sure what possessed Jason Smith to block so many shots, but you would hope that Davis and Stiemsma would be able to swat a good number of attempts on most nights. The high assist number baffled me, to be honest - all the perimeter players left on the team are scoring-first guards, so it's a bit odd that we saw so many assisted baskets last game. It's important to keep in mind a higher percentage of field goals assisted is not correlated with better offensive efficiency.

AD also is a big fan of having himself in 2K14:

"I still play 2K all the time, playing with all the stars you look up to - LeBron (James), Kobe (Bryant), ‘Melo (Carmelo Anthony), Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, everybody you look up to and see on the cover - then me with 2K13 and 2K14 I'm playing with these guys and against these guys and it's crazy to see yourself on the game," Davis said. "The first time you play a 2K game you go to create a player and you create yourself, just so you can be in the game and see how you jell with the other players and stuff like that. And now when you buy the game I'm already on it."

This is one of those Davis quotes that just crack me up. Gotta love that guy.

In weirder Anthony Davis news, a Louisville guard best known for having his leg broken in outrageously gruesome fashion in the NCAA tournament last year named Kevin Ware sent some bizarre threatening tweets to Anthony Davis recently. He claims his Twitter account was hacked, but since the Anthony Weiner incident, I tend to look on those claims pretty skeptically.