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Game 12: Pelicans vs Cavaliers

2013/2014 NBA Season



November 22, 2013, 7:00 PM CDT
New Orleans, LA
Projected Starters
Jrue Holiday Kyrie Irving
Eric Gordon > Matthew Dellavedova
Al-Farouq Aminu > Earl Clark
Anthony Davis > Tristan Thompson
Jason Smith > Andrew Bynum
Advanced Stats (2013/14)
93.8 (16) Pace 93.0 (20)
107.7 (6) ORtg 96.9 (29)
105.2 (18) DRtg 104.2 (12)

- In short, the Cavaliers have had a forgettable start to the season. Kyrie Irving has gotten off to a slow start, Dion Waiters has been removed from the starting lineup and Andrew Bynum is a shell of his former self. Oh and yeah, the number 1 draft pick from the summer, Anthony Bennett, has made 5 field goals (out of 37 attempts). Ouch.

- Ian Levy, over at Hickory High, recently published an article detailing some of the Cav's woes:

Taking the mantle of worst shot-selection from the Sixers has been the Cleveland Cavaliers. So far their offense has an XPPS of 1.012, worse than what the Sixers put up last season. As a unit they’ve been gradually migrating towards long two-pointers, which now make up 31.8% of their non-turnover offensive possessions.

- The Pelicans should be more than well rested for tonight's game. They've played once since last Saturday, the win over the Jazz on Wednesday. Hopefully they'll take care of business tonight, enjoy the weekend and will come out prepared for a grueling back-to-back against the Spurs and the Warriors starting Monday.

- And on a lighter side, Eric Gordon made a touching visit yesterday to the Children's Hospital. Good on him.