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Bird Feed: Still no Timetable for Ryan Anderson's Return

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

First, the somewhat distressing news that Ryan Anderson still has no schedule plan to return to the team due to the chip fracture he has in his right middle toe. He's had an X-Ray recently that showed that the fracture in the toe hasn't improved, which is pretty disconcerting. It seems like the original 1-3 week timetable that we heard on October 30th might be out the window at this point.

Jim Eichenhofer helpfully reminds us that the Pelicans are killing it from beyond the three-point arc this year - at the time of his writing, New Orleans was first in the league in 3pt%, but now they're third behind the Warriors and Heat. Eichenhofer doesn't point out that the Pelicans shoot the fewest threes in the league by far, however.

SportsNOLA absolutely excoriates the Pelicans (and Monty Williams) following the embarrassing loss in Utah

Monty Williams seems to agree that the defense is the culprit so far:

For us, we have to learn how to win these games on the road, or anywhere. When you have a team down by 14, possessions are so important. We gave up 38 points (in the fourth quarter), and that's on me. Bottom line is we have to play defense a lot better than we've played.

Finally, even Jimmy Smith is getting tired of the leaky defense.