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Pelicans Power Rankings

A quick summary of all the Power Rankings posted by websites

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

1. SBNation by Jason Patt - 18

The Pelicans couldn't solve the puzzle that's the Suns, losing twice to them last week but also dominating the Grizzlies on the road. Tyreke Evans is still struggling to figure out his role, and he played just seven minutes in the second loss to Phoenix.

2. by John Schuhmann - 19

The Lakers got a first-hand look at the Anthony Davis Show - 32 points, 12 rebounds and six blocks - on Friday. The most important aspect of Davis' evolution is that his defense (and not just his shot-blocking) has improved. The most fun part may be that he ranks eighth in fast break points, running the floor like no other big. Maybe he can catch some of Kevin Love's outlet passes in the All-Star game.

3. ESPN by Marc Stein - 18

No one is putting the Pelicans in the playoffs just yet. And three of the NBA's top 10 scorers are forwards from other West teams. But there's no longer any reason to hesitate. We've seen enough to declare that, yes, Anthony Davis will be one of the West's All-Stars in New Orleans in February.

4. Yahoo! Sports by Marc J. Spears - 18

Center Anthony Davis has scored at least 20 points in four games, including 32 points and 12 rebounds against the Lakers on Friday. The Pelicans play the Lakers in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

5. CBS Sports by Matt Moore - 17

The Pelicans are basically that ex-significant-other at your door, saying sorry for how they treated you early in the relationship, and they've really turned a corner. You want to believe it, but ...

6. USA Today - 13

Predictably, Anthony Morrow (shooting 61.1% on threes) was their biggest offseason acquisition.

7. Bleacher Report by Tyler Conway - 17

Not everything is going swimmingly in New Orleans. Tyreke Evans has been a two-way train wreck, Austin Rivers is still a two-way train wreck and the process of watching Al Farouq-Aminu catch a ball without anyone near him, consider shooting for a second before taking one awkward dribble and passing is pretty sad.

But none of that matters. Because Anthony Davis is a freak of nature.

The second-year forward's brilliant preseason has looked like anything but a fluke, as he's averaging nearly a 22-12 nightly with just under four blocks and just more than two steals per night. Davis is still in his embryonic stage of superstardom, but I'd be shocked if we weren't talking about him as one of the five to seven best players in the league by next season.

In the meantime, let us all go back to worrying about New Orleans' collective liver when Evans and Jrue Holiday share the floor.

8. Hoops World by Moke Hamilton - 19

That 7-1 preseason sure feels like a long time ago. Anthony Davis didn’t pass “GO!” or collect $200, instead, he went straight to superstardom, averaging an electrifying 21.7 points, 11.6 rebounds, 3.9 blocks, 2.3 steals and 1.6 assists per game. Friday night’s 32-point, 12-rebound, six-block effort in a 96-85 win over the Lakers? Beautiful to see. We still say playoffs are a long shot, though.

9. Sports Illustrated by Matt Dollinger - 19

Only two players have led the league in blocks and averaged 20 points in the last 20 years (Dwight Howard and Alonzo Mourning), but Anthony Davis could join that group if the first two weeks are any indication. Davis leads the NBA with 4.3 blocks and is 11th in scoring at 23 points. Did I that mention he's just 20 years old?

10. ProBasketballTalk by Kurt Helin - 19

Through six games they are allowing 110.6 points per 100 possessions and scoring 100.6 per 100. The very definition of a .500 team. Anthony Davis is having a monster year with 21.7 points and 11.6 rebounds a game — he looks like the franchise player the Pelicans hoped he would be.

With the exception of the USA Today writer poll power rankings, I think a safe bet would place us at 18th. Remember Power Rankings are supposedly a way to rank teams in terms of performance, with more emphasis on the recent week/month. That said, there was some inconsistency in the records shown in their power rankings with some writing the 3-3 record and others writing the 3-4 record. That's due to timing - we had a sunday (or monday in my case) loss against the Suns.

If you have any other website suggestion, just share them in the comments. Otherwise, discuss your personal "power" rankings in the comments!