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Sunday Discussion: The Guard Rotation

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

One of the larger national summer talking points about the Pelicans was the ability of their multiple high usage guards to "coexist." Was Eric Gordon really going to give up the glory of jacking up 20 shots a night for a lottery team? Surely Jrue Holiday would see to it that wouldn't happen...assuming of course Tyreke Evans didn't knock him out first. And so forth.

The early season guard rotation has been fascinating for a number of reasons. For one, Austin Rivers has been chained to the bench. Moreover, the need for a great drive and kick passer (the best on the roster being.. Rivers?) has been lessened by the absence of Ryan Anderson. Tyreke Evans has been absolutely awful (-25 offensive efficiency differential, 25% usage). Jrue Holiday's been a bit better but not too great himself (-13 offensive efficiency, 21% turnover rate). Anthony Morrow's been a bright spot, but of course, he isn't going to continue shooting 61% from three on the year. On the plus side, Eric Gordon's been superb, attacking and getting to the rim at will on possession after possession.

The starting guard rotation has been Holiday/Gordon with an Evans/Roberts/Morrow trio spelling the starters (Roberts and Morrow playing largely off ball). I'm personally a fan of Monty Williams incorporating Rivers into more lineups, but it's tough to say where he'd fit exactly. So today's discussion: are you happy with the current guard rotation? Is it something that just needs more time? What would you change?