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Preseason Game 2: Pelicans at Mavericks

We're going to be seeing an awful lot of Gal Mekel.
We're going to be seeing an awful lot of Gal Mekel.
Christof Koepsel

The Pelicans hit the road to Texas again, this time to take on the Dallas Mavericks. The game is scheduled to start at 7:30 CT and won't be televised either nationally or locally - as Icebird pointed out in this morning's comments section, it's odd that a person in New Zealand has better access to the Pelicans than somebody living in the Crescent City.

With Gordon and Evans unavailable and Anderson also likely sitting, we'll be getting a chance to look at the folks that will be filling out the back end of the Pelicans' rotation.

Pelicans Probable Starters:

PG: Holiday

SG: Morrow:

SF: Aminu

PF: Davis

C: Stiemsma

Key questions: Can the interior defense improve after a woeful first game? Who out of Stiemsma, Withey, and Smith will gain the edge heading in to the latter part of the preseason?

Can Jrue Holiday bounce back from a truly awful first game? He'll have an easier time now that Jose Calderon has been ruled out due to a strained hamstring - I believe we'll be seeing a lot of Gal Mekel with Devin Harris and Shane Larkin both out.

Mavericks Probable Starters:

PG: Calderon Harris Larkin Gal Mekel? Gal Mekel.

SG: Ellis

SF: Marion

PF: Dirk

C: Wright