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Preseason Game 1 Game Thread: Pelicans at Rockets

The tipoff of the preseason is almost upon us! Since Eric Gordon won't be playing today, the starting lineup is expected to be:

PG: Holiday

SG: Evans

SF: Aminu

PF: Davis

C: Stiemsma

For a preview of the preseason tipoff game, take a look at our post from last night. I'll expect (while being pretty uninformed) the Rockets to start:

PG: Lin

SG: Harden

SF: Parsons

PF: Smith? Not totally sure.

C: Howard

For a review of how the Rockets are looking at their preseason, take a look at what The Dream Shake has up.

I'm not totally sure how to watch the game - it's supposed to be on NBATV, but David Fisher was saying in the comments earlier that it might not be viewable in many (most? all?) areas. If you can't find it on your TV, I suppose there are radio feeds available online.

*Edit:* I was always under the impression that the game would start at 7pm CT (mainly because that's what it says on the Pelicans' official schedule), but the game will instead tip off at 8pm CT.

Geaux Pelicans!