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Davis Becoming a Leader, Rivers Becoming a Point Guard

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

The Advocate has a great story up about how Davis has been growing as a leader on the Pelicans. It's a bit of a unique situation - the franchise has lacked any kind of long-term stability (I think Jason Smith might be the player that's been in New Orleans the longest), so a young star like Davis can step up and be a vocal leader on the team. A couple of other interesting notes in the story - apparently Davis has bulked up from 215 lbs to 230 in the offseason, though I always assume team-reported weights and heights are slightly fudged. Secondly, Eric Gordon was held out of practice sessions on Tuesday - another bad sign for his fitness this season.

Jimmy Smith says that Austin Rivers has made the switch to point guard - the second team on Tuesday was Rivers, Evans, Anderson, Thomas, and Smith - certainly a tall, turnover-prone bunch. It makes me wonder how many minutes Brian Roberts will play if he's stuck as the third point guard.

Monty Williams talked in a press conference about how deep, young, and athletic the Pelicans are this year. It's a good discussion, and the comparisons brought up are instructive - Denver last year, the 76ers the year before that. Both of those teams used their youth and depth to their advantage by playing fast and quickly rotating players. Will Monty eschew his super-slow half-court focused schemes in favor of a more up-tempo strategy?

NOLA profiles Anthony Morrow, a big part of why the Pelicans are so deep. Having multiple +40% 3-point shooters to space the floor is a luxury no New Orleans coach has had in a long time - perhaps Peja and CP3 both had +40% seasons, but those are the only examples I can think of.

NOLA also reports on how Jrue Holiday is adapting to Monty's system. I think this is a key story we'll have to follow over the course of the season, since the value of Holiday is largely predicated on the assumption that he will be able to be much more efficient offensively away from Doug Collins's antiquated schemes.

Also, make sure to check in tomorrow as the Pelicans travel to Houston to play their first preseason game (and first game ever in the new Pelicans uniforms!).