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Bird Feed: Reactions to the Pelicans' Opening Night Loss

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

First, the recaps from both the Times-Pic and The Advocate. For more bloggy recaps, take a look at what Indy Cornrows had to say as well as Bourbon Street Shots. Of course, Rohan's recap of the Pelicans' opening night loss is here, too.

The Advocate has an interesting story about how Jason Smith was frustrated by his play down the stretch and his inability to stay out of foul trouble. His money quote was "it's very frustrating - I've got to play smarter." It's clear that Smith has to play defense differently now that he's no longer coming off the bench. With Anderson injured and Lopez in Portland, his replacements on the bench are pretty terrible.

Jimmy Smith stays positive after the Pelicans loss, noting that the Pelicans played well against a team capable of winning the Eastern Conference championship while having a very young team - only 24 years old on average. I think trying to say whether the outcome was good or bad relative to our bubble playoff team expectations is a bit premature and there are a lot of countervailing factors - Granger out, Anderson out, Indiana on the back end of a home-road back-to-back.

The Advocate also has an amusing story about the opening of the new renovated New Orleans Arena. The story seems in direct contrast to what the folks like David, Casual Hoya, and other folks that were at the game had to say. I don't know what to make of that mascot - I guess marketing was worried that the Pelicans weren't considered a fierce enough team name and decided to make up for it by creating a mascot that will give children nightmares.