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Pelicans Lose Season Opener to Pacers: Reaction Thread

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Ah. Well. Lots of good, but the end result -- especially after New Orleans opened a 14 point, rather comfy lead at halftime -- stings.

Here's your immediate reaction thread before the full recap later tonight.

The three huge topics of discussion in my mind are the play of Anthony Davis (stellar despite mediocre finishing at the rim), the officiating of Roy Hibbert (highly, highly questionable with the patented *look at me I'm straight up, wink, wink, wink* Hibbert-foul apparently in full effect into a new season), and Monty Williams' rotation in the absence of Ryan Anderson (not going with Evans late by bumping A.F. Aminu to the 4, especially since Davis was already manning the felt off).

A sort of more minor one is the fact Austin Rivers remained glued to the bench all night. Hmm.

Your thoughts?