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Bird Feed: Anthony Davis's Revamped Shooting Form

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Eichenhofer wrote what I believe is the most detailed recap of Anthony Davis's offseason to date, focusing on his conditioning habits and his tweaked shot form. The new shot is something I haven't read about elsewhere, but I think will have a huge impact on Davis's game this year.

Davis had a tendency on jump shots to hold the ball close to his forehead, which subconsciously made him tilt his head backward instead of staying squared up to the basket. During the offseason, he worked on releasing the ball higher and farther from his head, resulting in a more balanced form.

During the preseason, Davis looked much sharper on his jumpers - hopefully with the new shot form, that can transfer to the regular season. Another key to the offseason was apparently cutting back on Davis's prodigious pizza intake.

HoopsWorld profiles Tyreke Evans, who talks at length about his transition to New Orleans, likening his free agency to picking a college, and crediting the team's preseason success to putting in extra work before training camp.

The Pelicans will keep the same 15 players on their roster for the regular season that they had for the preseason, keeping Arinze Onuaku and Lance Thomas on the team as the drop deadline passed.

The players haven't had much of a chance to become acquainted with New Orleans Arena over the course of training camp due to all the renovations taking place. However, they spent some time there on Monday getting used to the feel of the court and the hoops in preparation for tomorrow's opening game against the Pacers.

The Advocate finished up their neat series of profiles of the Pelicans' key players with a feature on Jrue Holiday. Anthony Davis talks about learning how to play with his new point guard:

Jrue is looking to score the ball. Greivis was looking to score, too, but he wants to pass; not saying Jrue doesn't. When we're down low, Greivis will dump it off. When we're down low and Jrue is driving, you just get out of his way.

Finally, Al-Jazeera America says that, hey, at least the Pelicans mascot isn't racially offensive to America's indigenous population. Pretty low bar to clear, if you ask me.