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Opening Day Open Thead

Mike Ehrmann

The Magic kick off on the road against Indiana to start the season at 6pm CT. Though the game won't be on TV, those with LeaguePass will be able to see the Pelicans' first opponent in action, albeit against an awful team and without Danny Granger.

On TNT starting at 7, we have the Bulls visiting Miami, the two teams predicted to take the top spots in the Eastern Conference. For the first time in a few years, it seems plausible that the Bulls could challenge Miami for the first overall seed. Plus, it will be exciting to see Derrick Rose in action for the first time in ages.

In the late-night slot, the Clippers and Lakers face off in the Staples Center. What the game lacks in post-season implications, it makes up for in Kobe's glares from the bench.

As you're watching tonight, hit up the comments with your thoughts, impressions, and general Greg Oden envy.