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Bird Feed: Jason Smith to get Opening Day Start at Center

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

The center competition was a bit of a dud in the preseason, with Smith injured off and on, WIthey not playing, and Stiemsma being terrible. Stiemsma apparently looked better in the intra-squad scrimmage, scoring six points and doing some good things on defense. However, Smith scored 16 points and earned the starting job on opening nightagainst the Pacers this Wednesday. Even more important, I doubt that Stiemsma will be getting that many minutes - maybe 5 to 10 per game.

The Advocate has put up a ton of neat profiles of players heading into the season. This preview for Anthony Davis has some interesting details, like Davis saying that his focus in the off-season was putting on muscle to prevent injury.

Another one of their profiles is of Eric Gordon. EJ claims that he's dropped 10 pounds in the off-season (possible) and has worked a lot on his 3-point shots (probable). He definitely looks trimmer to me, and in the preseason, he was excellent from beyond the arc. Hopefully that be as evident in the regular season as it was in preseason play.

Austin Rivers was the subject of the third profile. It didn't contain too much new, but it had this amazing quote: "Rivers, almost endearingly, remains confident."

John Reid looks at the early schedule for the Pelicans. Playing 7 playoff teams in 16 games is actually a slightly easier than average start to the season, but an away game at Memphis on November 6th should be a tough test.