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Preseason Game 7: Pelicans vs. Heat

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Pelicans look to extend their unbeaten streak to 7 games in their first home game of the preseason. The game will start at 7pm CT, but I'm not sure if/where it will be televised. It will be a tall order, however, because the Heat are coming to town. After sitting out during a 121-96 drubbing of the Spurs, LeBron James will be in Miami's starting lineup tonight. Here are the expected Pelicans starters:

PG - Holiday
SG - Gordon
SF - Aminu
PF - Davis
C - Stiemsma

The Heat are a bit of a mystery, since you might think that Wade or Bosh could be sitting after LeBron got a break. But if that doesn't happen, here's what to expect:

PG - Chalmers
SG - Wade
SF - James
PF - Haslem
C - Bosh

It should be interesting to see who defends Davis - you'd think Bosh would be the natural choice. Perhaps Davis can be slowed down by Bosh, who is an excellent defender and is quick, long, and lean, just like AD.

Hopefully some folks will be going to the game tonight, so either post how the new Arena looks with the mobile site or after the game.