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Williams: Gordon out for first two weeks of preseason

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Via Jim Eichenhofer, Monty Williams announced after today's practice that Eric Gordon, the Pelicans' oft-injured shooting guard, will be unable to participate in the first two weeks of preseason games. Fans will remember, of course, that these announcements in previous years have been the precursors to extended periods of injury for Gordon, so there's reason to be concerned about Gordon's health.

EJ's ankle was surgically repaired in the offseason and he has been unable to participate with the rest of the team in conditioning as a result. Monty indicated that he wanted to take it slow with Gordon while he improves his conditioning, not wanting him to strain or pull any muscles from playing full-speed without being fully prepared.

In other news on the Pelicans' first day of training camp, Jason Smith, who suffered a season-ending labrum tear last year, was cleared for contact and practiced with the team today, which is certainly a good sign. The Pelicans are preparing for their first preseason game of the season, which will be held this Saturday in Houston.

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