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Sunday Discussion: Monty Williams' Rotations

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

So Monty Williams' rotations seem to be the hot topic these days, after wins and after losses.

It started with a muddle guard rotation with inconsistent minutes being doled out to players like Darius Miller (before the decision to send him to the D-League -- the correct one, in my estimation -- was made). Lately, things seem to have settled with a lot of Vasquez, some Roberts, a little bit of Mason, a little bit less of Rivers, and a little bit more of Henry

But you could make the case that the early season guard minutes vicissitudes have meandered their way over to the bigs -- it's completely unpredictable whether Anthony Davis, Jason Smith, or Ryan Anderson will finish games. What should it be? Do you have confidence that things will settle as they did with the guards or that Monty Williams will make the right decision as he did with Aminu? What is the right decision here?

Until tip today - 5 PM vs. Memphis - this is your thread to talk Hornet rotations.