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Hornets renamed as New Orleans Pelicans, unveil new logo

New Orleans Hornets rebrand themselves as the Pelicans with a new name and logo that will take effect the beginning of the 2013-2014 season.

Well, the new name and logo has arrived - go here to look at all the rebranding information and to nab your new merchandise, if that's your thing.

To me, this completes a very significant transition from a George Shinn/Chris Paul/Hugh Weber organization to a Tom Benson/Anthony Davis/Eric Gordon/Dell Demps organization. Just two years ago, the Hornets were a rudderless team, flailing about trying to extricate themselves from a bad ownership situation, questionable general management, and a star player that wanted out.

Now, New Orleans has a very different NBA franchise - everything about the team feels different, from the players (almost uniformly young and new) to the management, to even the TV broadcasts. It seems fortuitous that this rebranding is happening as the team is on the upswing with the return of Eric Gordon - it feels a bit like a fresh start.

Now, I suppose, we have to learn more about what Pelicans actually are and get used to these logos: