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SBNation: All-Star Weekend Theme Day -- Hornets at All-Star Weekend

Who's going to Houston?

Mike Ehrmann

Today is SBNation All-Star theme day, wherein we talk about players that are All-Stars, players that might be All-Stars, and players that might be involved in the surrounding festivities. Hornets players figure to factor in the last category.

Or at least one does -- Ryan Anderson. Anderson participated last year, failing to make it out of the opening round of the three point contest. One would figure he's a lock to at least get invited again in 2013, considering that he once again leads the league in threes attempted and threes made. Roger Mason Jr. might have been a stronger candidate for this if he played more.

Overall, the three point contest's always been my favorite; the game's generally stupid, especially if none of your guys are in it, the dunk contest just feels ridiculously prop-based these days (and maybe that's a necessity), and the skills challenge has never been taken seriously by anyone, least of all the participants. I wouldn't be surprised to see someone like Greivis Vasquez be rewarded for his play by getting tossed an invite to the last one though.

As far as the game itself, Anthony Davis and Eric Gordon figure to be contenders for it in future years. How soon that will be is pretty unclear at this point, though a healthy Gordon could likely have challenged this year itself. (As a reminder, the 2014 AS Game will be in New Orleans).

So basically, Anderson, maybe Vasquez? Anyone I'm missing? How excited (or not) are you for All-Star Weekend?