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Welcome to At the Hive United

An intro to the new SBNation platform

Hopefully you've had some time now to play around with all the new features of SBNation United. You can find an intro to the new features here or a downloadable .pdf of all the changes here. It's a lot of new stuff to digest, but thankfully, the timing means we'll be settled in and ready to go by the time the new season kicks off. Welcome!

The New Homepage

The most noticeable aspect to the new platform is the "Cover"- the collection of large images and articles at the top of the homepage. Editors of SBNation sites can vary how this cover looks. For example, the cover for a gameday might include a preview, an interview with an opposing blogger, and a gamethread. For the most part, the biggest image will correspond to the biggest new story for that particular day.

As news items fall off the "Cover," they'll descend into the "River," which lies just beneath. Here, content will flow reverse chronologically, just like the old site used to.

FanShots and FanPosts

FanShots and FanPosts are now a part of the River, embedded on the left and right sides of the homepage. I'll continue to feature interesting FanShots and FanPosts, as before, by promoting them into the main story stream.

It's particularly easy to post links and images into FanShots now; there's a url bar right at the top of the FanShot sidebar into which you can paste material directly. If you see anything Hornets-related on the internet worth sharing, definitely feel free to slide it into the homepage via a quick FanShot.


The commenting system is still live updating, meaning you don't need to refresh the page to see the latest comments. That's long been the underlying reason for why SBNation has the best gamethreads on the internet, and that'll continue to be the case. One cool SBNation United update here is the fact that stories can themselves now be live updated. This will make a lot more sense when the first preseason game rolls around (October 7th! Mexico City! Gustavo Ayon!), but in essence, the At the Hive staff will be able to add real-time game updates to all of your comments, which are themselves live-updating.


Not everyone's going to love the new system; that's simply the way these things go. But I (and the rest of the SBN team) would like to do everything in our power to address issues with this initial rollout. The SBNation United welcome post mentioned that any comments about the United platform can be sent to, but please feel free to email me personally at as well. If you have any concerns about how you read, navigate, comment, or otherwise interact with the website, let's get it sorted out before the games start.

Thanks for reading y'all, and welcome to the new At the Hive.