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Anthony Davis, Olympic Gold Medalist

Anthony Davis became the youngest American in history to win an Olympics gold medal in basketball yesterday.

Via UK Athletics:

Consensus national player of the year. Final Four Most Outstanding Player. National champion. No. 1 overall pick in NBA Draft. Olympic champion.

For most players, that list of accomplishments would make for a solid career for a normal player. For Anthony Davis, that list makes for a five-month stretch he won't soon forget.

On Sunday, Team USA defeated Spain 107-100 in the final game of the 2012 Olympic basketball tournament, making Davis the youngest American to win basketball gold in Olympic history.

Holding a double-digit lead, Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski called for Davis to enter the game with 37 seconds remaining. Spain made things interesting in cutting the lead to six, but Davis pulled down the final missed 3-pointer and dribbled out the clock, touching off a celebration with plenty of American flags. Davis finished the tournament with 53 minutes, 26 points, 19 rebounds and three blocks in playing seven of Team USA's eight games.


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