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Hornets Interested in Robin Lopez

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Per the twitter page of Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski and according to a fanpost made by ATH's own RedHopeful, the Hornets have apparently shown an interest in Phoenix Suns' Restricted Free Agent Robin Lopez. The team has tried to work out a sign and trade with Phoenix but the move hasn't materialized and Phoenix is still interested in keeping the 24 year old.

Lopez, a legit seven footer, would ideally fit the team's need as a prototypical center on the roster. Getting him wouldn't be a game changer by any means, but it would finally solidify the front court rotation for the team moving forward. The problem is the fact that he's restricted. Lopez and the Suns haven't agreed on any deals yet but the Suns can match any move for Lopez. Coming off of the Eric Gordon fiasco, you'd have to imagine that they wouldn't let Lopez walk to New Orleans for nothing.

So then it becomes a conversation about assets. Nobody really knows what Phoenix is looking for or what New Orleans is willing to give up because it's too early in the process, but it's a good point of conversation. Who would you be willing to give up for Lopez? Would you give up Jason Smith for him? Would Phoenix take Xavier Henry for him? More to come as it's released.

In other news today, the Hornets have reached agreements on contracts with both of their first round draft picks: Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers. An agreement to sign Darius Miller is still pending. Davis is set to earn $5.144 million in the first year of his three year guaranteed deal while Austin Rivers is slotted for $1.865 million in the first of his three year guaranteed deal.