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Sunday Discussion: Filling Out the Roster

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The pessimist (me? I think?) will say that the Hornets lack NBA-quality starters at point guard (Greivis is a solid backup), small forward (Aminu is a solid backup if he has a good season), and center (Anderson guarding centers is amusing). The optimist (you! maybe!) might say that an Anderson/Davis/Smith/RANDOM TALL PERSON combination will do just fine, that the A-F Aminu Nigeria Experience (AFANE) will propel him to great heights, and that Austin Rivers will be the point guard of the future, dammit.

So today's discussion is then - what do you want the roster to be next year? The Hornets certainly have a couple more moves up their sleeves, but it's probably worth parsing out the roles of the guys currently on the roster.* Vasquez over Rivers? Whence Ryan Anderson?

My current guess at an opening night lineup would be:

Vasquez (Rivers) - Gordon (Henry) - Aminu (Miller) - Davis (Smith) - Anderson (Free Agent)

*another random thing - current average age of the roster is 22.2 (!!!!)