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Ryan Anderson Sign & Trade Official (plus no Gordon offer sheet yet)


The sign-and-trade sending Ryan Anderson to the Hornets in exchange for Gustavo Ayon was completed today and Ryan was introduced to the New Orleans media. Bradley Handwerger with WWL TV was there and has a bunch of great quotes from Monty, Dell and Ryan, so check out his timeline here: @wwltvsports

Here are a few of the quotes I found most interesting:

Pretty interesting considering his recent defense of Eric Gordon's comments.

This one was a little strange. We've seen reports as late as last night that Phoenix would still present the offer sheet to Gordon this morning and that he would sign it. As of lunch time here in NOLA, there is no confirmation that this has happened yet. This could mean some sort of deal is in the works, or it could mean Phoenix wants to get their other ducks in a row before tying up so much cap space. We'll find out soon. Come back here or catch me on twitter (@LSUhornet17) for updates as always.