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The At the Hive Community Hornets Draft Board: Pick #1


Over the next month, we'll be breaking down all the potential lottery picks in the 2012 NBA draft - if you missed it, the Anthony Davis love-fest commenced months ago - statistically, eye-test-ily, and perhaps most importantly, communally! Obviously, we'll have minimal influence over what Dell Demps actually does (one would hope), but talking about our upcoming picks is definitely the most fun part of all of this.

So here's how it will work - we'll go through each draft selection spot (up to about 15-20), hold a poll on who should be chosen there, and you'll have the opportunity to explain your pick in the comments and perhaps lobby for future picks.

At each selection, pick who you'd want for the Hornets at that spot - i.e., not who the actual team selecting there might take. We'll augment some of the picks that people (including myself) might not know as much about with some further entries in our critically acclaimed Better Know a Prospect series.

I toyed with the idea of including the #1 pick for vote/discussion for completeness' sake, but it does seem rather silly. Anthony Davis is (in my estimation) the most accomplished defensive prospect of the modern era, averages an insane 2.5 blocks per personal foul, is a contender to make the US national team a year removed from high school and at 19 years of age, has a PER higher than all but two players this decade, has never had injury issues (knock on wood), has expressed anticipation towards playing in New Orleans, and guided his college team to one of the all-time dominant runs in the NCAA tournament. In my estimation, the Hornets didn't just win the lottery last week; they won the rights to one of the top 5 prospects in this sport over the last 50ish years. Davis has his flaws, and we'll cover these in great detail too, but potential-wise, he's as elite as they come. If you do have an anti-Davis case though, here's the place to make it.