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A Quick Note on Eric Gordon


Free agency opens at midnight, with players free to "officially" sign deals on July 11th.

Eric Gordon is the Hornets' most prominent free agent, and New Orleans tendered him a qualifying offer on Thursday to ensure they keep his restricted free agent rights. We've broken down what that means a few times before, but here's one quick, final glance at the numbers the front office will be looking at:

- The longest contract the Hornets can offer Gordon is 5 years. However, each team is allowed only one five-year deal per CBA period. So the team would be wise to save that longer deal for Anthony Davis.

- The longest contract another team can offer Gordon is 4 years. So anyone that's predicting 5 year deals will probably be wrong.

- Since Gordon is a 5th year player now, his maximum deal will start at $12.9M (25% of projected BRI cap) with 7.5% raises for each of the next three years. In sum, that's $57.5M, or $14.4M on average per season for 4 years.

- The Hornets will have three days to match a contract that Gordon agrees to with another team.

- According to early reports, Phoenix is preparing to offer Gordon a 4 year/$48M deal, or nearly $10M lower than the max. Given his injury history, that's a reasonable approximation of market value probably.