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The At the Hive Community Draft Board: Pick #8

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Damian Lillard is now off the board.

1. Anthony Davis, F/C, Kentucky
2. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, G, Kentucky
3. Thomas Robinson, F, Kansas
4. Bradley Beal, G, Florida
5. Harrison Barnes, F, North Carolina
6. Andre Drummond, C, Connecticut
7. Damian Lillard, G, Weber State

On to #8.

The usual disclaimers:

This isn't a mock draft, so vote for who you'd select for the Hornets if we owned the 8th pick. The poll below has the majority of #8 contenders listed, along with a couple guys that have an outside shot. Feel free to explain why you picked your player in the comments as well as debate who should be among the choices at #9.