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Trading the 10th Pick for a Guard


There's been some chatter that New Orleans may be open to trading the 10th pick of the 2012 draft for "a guard." That's a very nebulous term, especially considering the fact that if restricted free agency goes according to plan, the Hornets' starting backcourt for 2012-2013 should already be set.

Nonetheless, what "guards" could be available for the 10th pick? I'm terrible at coming up with hypothetical trades, so after the jump, a quick yes-or-no (from the trade partner's perspective) for literally every guard in the NBA!

(If it's a 'Yes' for them, but a 'No' from us, that's indicated in parentheses)


Joe Johnson: No
Jeff Teague: No


Rajon Rondo: No
Avery Bradley: Maybe


Anthony Morrow: Maybe
Jordan Farmar: Yes (No)
MarShon Brooks: No


Corey Maggette: Yes (No)
Matt Carroll: YES (NO)
Reggie Williams: Maybe
Kemba Walker: No
Gerald Henderson: Maybe


Derrick Rose: No
Richard Hamilton: No
Ronnie Brewer: Maybe
C.J. Watson: Maybe (No)


Kyrie Irving: No
Daniel Gibson: Yes (No)


Vince Carter: Yes (No)
Rodrigue Beaubois: Hmmm (Hmmm)


Arron Afflalo: No
Wilson Chandler: Maybe
Corey Brewer: Yes (No)
Ty Lawson: No


Ben Gordon: Please? (No)
Rodney Stuckey: No
Will Bynum: Yes (No)
Brandon Knight: No

Golden State:

Steph Curry: No
Klay Thompson: No


Kevin Martin: Probably
Kyle Lowry: Maybe


Paul George: No
Darren Collison: Maybe


Chris Paul: No
Mo Williams: Maybe (No)
Caron Butler: Maybe (No)
Eric Bledsoe: No


Kobe Bryant: No
Ramon Sessions: No
Steve Blake: Maybe (No)


Mike Conley: No
O.J. Mayo: Maybe
Tony Allen: No
Jeremy Pargo: Yes (No)
Josh Selby: Yes (No)


Dwyane Wade: No
Norris Cole: Maybe (No)


Monta Ellis: No
Beno Udrih: Maybe
Brandon Jennings: No


J.J. Barea: Maybe (No)
Wes Johnson: Maybe (No)
Luke Ridnour: Maybe (No)
Ricky Rubio: No
Wayne Ellington: Maybe (No)

New York:

Toney Douglas: Probably

Oklahoma City:

Russ Westbrook: No
James Harden: No
Daequan Cook: Yes (No)
Thabo Sefalosha: No
Eric Maynor: Maybe
Reggie Jackson: Maybe (No)


Jason Richardson: Yes (No)
Chris Duhon: YES (No)
Quentin Richardson: ...??? (...)


Jrue Holiday: No




Wes Matthews: No


Marcus Thornton: Maybe
Tyreke Evans: No
Jimmer Fredette: Maybe (No)
Isaiah Thomas: No

San Antonio:

Manu Ginobili: No
Tony Parker: No
Kawhi Leonard: No
Cory Joseph: Yes (No)


Jose Calderon: Yes (No)


Devin Harris: Maybe (No)
Raja Bell: Yes (No)
Alec Burks: No
Earl Watson: Yes (No)


What does that leave us with? Not a whole lot.

(Keep in mind that the above only includes players that have guaranteed deals for next year. Free agency may well provide more options at "guard" than the trade market does).

The maybes are largely players that probably wouldn't be swapped straight up for the 10th pick but could maybe be acquired in larger packages (future picks, the few trade assets New Orleans has). The maybes:

Avery Bradley:

Terrific defender, one of the smartest off-ball offensive players in the league. Could possibly be involved in 2-guard sets where Gordon is the primary ball-handler. Boston probably likes him a lot, but if they wanted to add, say, Austin Rivers and a front-court piece to create a retooled Rondo-Rivers-Pierce-Garnett-??? group for next year? Possible.

Bradley doesn't make that much sense in New Orleans (though he'd be a perfect Monty Williams player), but again, the majority of options at "guard" are going to create weird fits.

Anthony Morrow:

Basically a younger, more athletic Marco Belinelli, with a better stroke. This would be a weird trade.

Reggie Williams:

Three years ago, I was a big Williams fan; he's since deteriorated and suffered various injuries. An easy no.

Gerald Henderson;

A bad fit alongside Gordon and Jack though Charlotte could well move him if they were targeting someone in the 10 range. Another no.

Ronnie Brewer:

Terrible outside shooter, questionable handle; any trade target at guard really needs to possess one or the other to make even marginal sense.

Rodrigue Beaubois:

One of the more interesting options available. Dallas surely would love to move into the lottery to support an aging Dirk, and Beaubois has already been rumored to be available before. It's pretty clear at this point that Roddy will never be a star player (he'll turn 25 in the middle of the upcoming season), but he could make for a decent sixth man. New Orleans stands to possibly do better than that with the 10th pick, so another no.

Wilson Chandler:

Skill-set wise, Chandler could make sense as off-guard and SF cover for Ariza down the road. Unfortunately, the contract makes this an automatic no; the last thing this front office should be doing is collecting questionable, long-ish term deals around Davis and Gordon before they've even played a game together.

Kyle Lowry:

A great defender, and you can easily make the case for Lowry over Lillard and Marshall (in fact, the opposite would be significantly more difficult). Houston would need something else to sweeten the pot though, and it's unclear whether New Orleans can provide that. Lowry isn't that young either (27 before the end of next season), and while his defense can be superb, it's unclear whether his offense (perhaps unsustainably good last year) is that much of an upgrade on Jarrett Jack's. Still, Lowry's the most convincing option thus far.

Darren Collison:

Indy seemed reluctant to commit to Collison as their de facto lead guard, but here's another player that will be tough to acquire. There are multiple signs too that Collison peaked as a rookie, so overpaying for Dimes wouldn't be wise. I'll rank this as a no both for the implausibility of Indiana liking the return pieces as well as my own apprehensions as to his game (relative to lottery picks at 10).

O.J. Mayo:

Mayo's one of the players I'd most liken to Austin Rivers' eventual ceiling - sixth man guard with scoring punch off the bench. If that's the type of player New Orleans wants to walk away with via the 10th pick, it probably makes more sense to go with the guy that hasn't yet proven he'll never be more than that (Rivers).

Beno Udrih:

He'll soon be 30, his shot took a precipitous dive a year ago, and he wouldn't be a great long-term PG candidate. No.

Marcus Thornton:

It's sort of weird that both Buckets and Dimes could be among the candidates, especially if Sacramento decides he's the odd man out of their tightly packed guard rotation (unlikely given the contract they just handed him). But I can't imagine Monty Williams and Dell Demps attempting to re-acquire the player they did a remarkable job alienating and driving away a season ago.


Overall, there just ain't a lot to see here, folks. Hanging tight and seeing who among Sullinger/Lillard/Marshall/Zeller/et al. drops to the 10th spot seems far more prudent than sending away the team's one legitimate trade asset for a half-baked, ill-fitting piece buoyed solely by "veteran" status. Keep in mind that if Anthony Davis is who we think he is, the 10th selection should be the Hornets' last chance to grab a young, cost-controlled, and promising player for the rebuild (failure to do so being one of the major downfalls of the Chris Paul era).

Keep the pick please.