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Report: Cleveland Cavaliers Tried to Trade for #1 Pick


It's been a lock since the lottery who the Hornets will take at #1, but we're starting to see more and more just how much the front office values Anthony Davis (as well they should).

Cleveland, which was one ping pong ball away from winning the draft lottery for the second consecutive year but instead had to settle for the 4th pick, apparently tried to trade their entire draft class for Davis. Quoth Chad Ford on an ESPN chat today:

Is Anthony Davis a lock for the No. 1 pick? Yes, and it's not even close. Forget about the fact that the Hornets are saying publicly that they are still considering their options. He's the guy.

You can also forget about them trading the No. 1 pick. Sources say the Cavs offered them No. 4, No. 24, No. 33 and No. 34 for No. 1. And sources said the Cavs got a firm and quick "No!"

Other than the sheer number of picks, it really isn't that impressive of a trade offer. 2nd round picks are next to worthless, and the 24th pick is similarly devoid of value. Most seasons, a team can end up purchasing a late first rounder for cash considerations if they really wanted it. So the Cavs' offer was essentially the #4 pick for the #1 pick with some random, "hey, maybe you'll get lucky!" afterthoughts tossed in.

This does bring up a larger question though - what, if anything, would you trade the #1 pick for? In my estimation, you need a legitimate superstar on your team to win a championship (and I'd say the seven such players that qualify for that designation currently are LeBron, Wade, Durant, Howard, Paul, Love, and Rose), and without one, title contention is almost impossible. So while a trade package could offer equal or even better "value" for Anthony Davis, his status as a potential future NBA superstar is invaluable.