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Anthony Davis Excited About New Orleans, Hornets Season Ticket Sales Rocket, and Other Friday Stories


Happy Friday y'all.

- Anthony Davis, who won the NCAA national championship in New Orleans in March, appeared to welcome an opportunity to play for the Hornets yesterday after the draft lottery. Quoth Davis: ""This can kind of bring joy back to New Orleans. I guess I get lucky when I go there."

- The Times-Picayune reports that season ticket sales have been brisk since the lottery. There's even a quote from Hornets-fan-poseur-extraordinaire "Little Wayne" - "Anthony Davis to the Hornets!!?! I’ movin bak home." Okay, sure.

- This isn't Hornets-related but will probably make you laugh.

- Continuing on the subject of humor, a CBS "column" suggested the Hornets explore a #1 pick for Dwight Howard trade. I think not linking this one is for the best.

- (For the record, not linking any conspiracy stuff either. There were representatives from every lottery team, a private accounting firm, and prominent members of the media present during the lottery. If someone seriously thinks that every team in the league (extending to previous years) is complicit in a massive conspiracy that shifts league balance annually, good for you).

- A look at the winners and losers of the draft lottery.