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Reliving the 2012 NBA Draft Lottery

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The Hornets won the draft lottery yesterday and will select at #10 and #1. There will be plenty of discussion about the selections themselves, but I kind of just want to take a day to relive last night.

First, here's the full video in all its glory:

Personally, I couldn't bring myself to actually look at the TV screen. I'd just finished working out, came inside, and laid flat on my living room floor, drenched in sweat, staring at the ceiling, with the TV on. I couldn't really tell how much of my heartbeat was from physical exertion and how much was due to nervousness, though the latter probably took over when ESPN cut to that OH-GOD-NOT-NOW-WHY-GO-BACK-GO-BACK commercial between the top 3 and the rest.

And then when it did cut back, I felt strangely calm, at least for a few seconds, before absolutely losing it when the 2nd pick came up. I still don't think it's actually hit me that we'll be getting the best defensive (and quite possibly overall) college prospect in multiple decades. But here we are.

I'm interested in hearing some of your lottery reactions/experiences too. Anyone break anything? Climb a tree? Scare your neighbors into calling the cops? How'd y'all celebrate? And if you're a new fan or longtime lurker or anything in between, feel free to jump in as well. It's a new era in Hornets basketball.