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Report: CST out, Hornets to be televised on Fox Sports

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Just because you can watch the games on TV now doesn't mean you shouldn't go here.
Just because you can watch the games on TV now doesn't mean you shouldn't go here.

According to a report from The Sports Business Journal, Cox Sports Television has declined to bid on the broadcast rights to the Hornets after their deal expired after this season. This move resulted in a one-horse race, with Fox Sports coming out as the new broadcast partner for the Hornets. The deal makes great sense for both sides as CST had much-publicized problems with reaching the majority of the Greater New Orleans area (the article cites CST's availability at 37% of the New Orleans Market), and Fox Sports in the area has just lost the broadcast rights to the Houston Rockets and have an NBA-sized programming hole to fill. The article is short on any details of the Fox-Hornets deal such as the name of the potential Fox Sports station, or the number of games to be televised (hopefully all of them and all in HD), but we should find out that info before long. As anyone who has been following the off-court status of this team knows, this is a big deal. CST being unavailable on DirectTV or on the North Shore (until very recently and for pay only) was a huge detriment to the Hornets being able to successfully market the team and sustain popularity that resulted from the playoff run in 2007-08. As far as I know, Fox Sports stations have no such availability issues with any of the major area carriers. The larger footprint and greater availability of Fox Sports also comes with smaller bonuses such as professional-looking graphics and actual, real-life HD broadcasts (welcome to 2007!). No word if the move to Fox Sports will change the current pun-to-basketball ratio of Hornets broadcasts. As always, whenever more information comes out, we'll share it here.