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Hornets Beat Bobcats; Two Fanbases Cry

"Hey!  Watch this basket I won't make!"
"Hey! Watch this basket I won't make!"

Well on a night where the two worst teams in their respective conferences matched up in Charlotte, one team had to win and the Hornets stumbled into victory lane by the time tonight's game ended with a 75-68 victory in Charlotte. Eric Gordon and Chris Kaman were added to the list of DNPs and somehow the team managed to score 75 points. And that was enough to beat Charlotte. It wasn't pretty.

There weren't many highlights tonight and I feel that if you had a drinking game that required you to take a sip every time a shot clanged off the rim, that you won't be able to read this recap until tomorrow morning. The two teams themselves combined for 49 made field goals tonight and 20 total points in the third quarter. I think the biggest shot of the night was Bobcats announcer Dell Curry looking at the Bobcats' shot chart in the third quarter and remarking how it looked like his junior high Math tests. It wasn't pretty.

In closing, tonight was just a weird night in general. The fans who cheer for the Hornets to tank for the lottery pick will be upset that they won, and those of us who are pulling for the team to still win can't even really be proud of the victory. It wasn't pretty.