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Hornets Updates, 3/7


Solomon Jones may be re-signed the rest of the way... Emeka Okafor helps debut Chevron Mathmobile... New Orleans sports fans in need of positive news...


Solomon Jones may be re-signed

From John Reid/Times-Pic:

With starting center Emeka Okafor still out indefinitely with a sore left knee, New Orleans Hornets Coach Monty Williams there is a good chance center Solomon Jones will be signed for the remainder of the season.

Jones' second, 10-day contract expires after Wednesday night's game against the Sacramento Kings. Jones has scored in double figures in two of the past three games. After 10 games, Jones has averaged 6.1 points and 3.9 rebounds for the Hornets.

Under league rules, Jones can either be signed for the remainder of the season or released. Jones is in his sixth season in the league and was waived by the Los Angeles Clippers last month.


Emeka Okafor Helps Debut Chevron Mathmobile

From Jim Eichenhofer/

"Math is very useful and numbers are all around you," Okafor explained to kids at the grade school in Marrero on the Westbank. "I majored in finance in college, partly because I thought knowing how to use numbers would prove very beneficial in my adult life. As an athlete, nutrition is also very important. You have to be able to count your calorie intake, carbohydrates and proteins, as well as how much water you’re drinking."

Okafor delivered his message to youngsters prior to the afternoon’s official debut of the Hornets’ brand-new Mathmobile. Presented by Chevron, the Mathmobile is an interactive bus that will travel the state of Louisiana distributing math and science books to children of all ages. Students at Miller Wall Elementary were given the opportunity to pick up a free educational book, as well as utilize the Mathmobile’s iPads. The iPads focus on math skills such as addition, subtraction, fractions and geometry.

"I heard that there was a good group of kids who are good in math and are having fun in school," Okafor said of Miller Wall Elementary’s pupils. "I thought what better place to learn about numbers than at a game? In the arena, there are numbers all around you. Jerseys have numbers, the scoreboard has numbers. Learning how to use math and apply it in a technological environment will help you guys very much (in the future)."


New Orleans sports fans in need of positive news


But now more than ever, the city of New Orleans could use some positive news when it comes to athletics.

The gut punch fans of the Saints and Hornets have taken in the past week alone would be enough to send anybody down ducking for cover, hiding in their basements from the cold nature of reality nowadays.

The Hornets have been on sale for more than 14 months with little indication that something is actually happening sooner rather than later.


There have been news leaks on who is involved in a potential sale and commissioner David Stern has said it will happen soon.

Until that happens, though, I know many folks who refuse to care about the team. They’re sick of being dragged around the block emotionally, unwilling to commit another second of time or dollar of their portfolio to the team until there’s positive news out of Hornets camp.