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The Hornets got killed by the Bulls

Recently, I've been praising Monty Williams for the effort that this Hornets team has shown being in many close games despite being at a severe talent disadvantage every night. This was not one of those games. Tonight we saw what happens when a team that consistently struggles to score goes up against an elite defensive team. The Bulls were not exactly world beaters on offense, but they did not need to be. I'm typing this as of the beginning of the fourth quarter because the only thing yet to be decided is the final score. Chris Kaman will have another strong box score to add to his trade resume, despite taking a ton of shots and 4 turnovers through 3 quarters. Hopefully he can keep this string of seemingly impressive play going, so the Hornets can pry the Knicks' first round pick from Houston in return for his services. Jarrett Jack looked rusty as his normally automatic mid-range game was off. Ariza was active, but terrible. Gustavo Ayon got limited minutes due to Kaman being the only semi-reliable source of offense and Monty Williams insistence on playing a guy on a 10 day contract for 10+ minutes. Belinelli scored on two drives and missed all his jumpers and half his FTs. Xavier Henry was aggressive and sometimes careless and as of now has played half as many minutes as Marco Belinelli. There is no reason for this. Speaking of senseless things, there is now 7min left in the game, the Hornets are down 25 and just-returned Jarrett Jack and starters Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza are still in the game. At least Henry is in. The Hornets also have a guy named Donald Sloan on the bench who is apparently not Jerry's grandson. That's all I have. I'm going to try to write something (using Synergy!) that is not depressing tomorrow. Any ideas?

The tank keeps a rolling.

UPDATE: I missed this while writing this sad excuse for a recap, but a Belinelli 3 pointer with .5 seconds left prevented the Hornets from achieving their lowest regular season point total in franchise history. Yay?

UPADATE 2: Courtesy of my friend who had the misfortune of using my seat tonight while I recover from knee surgery, here are the (sideways) videos of Will Ferrell's introductions of the Bulls and the Hornets. The Bulls ones are great.

Bulls Intros by Will Ferrell

Hornets Intros by Will Ferrell