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Chris Kaman Was Fine With Being Asked to Stay Away

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From the Times-Pic this morning:

While declining to discuss the specifics of the last two weeks during which he was exiled from the New Orleans Hornets while the team attempted to trade him, reserve swingman Chris Kaman said Monday he had no issues with the way things have transpired.

"You know what, it wasn't a big issue," Kaman said. " I was asked to leave; I think they thought they might have had a trade or something. I'm not sure. I don't know the situation. I did what I was asked. They asked me to come back and that's kind of the extent I know about it. They've been pretty straight-forward with me and I have no complaints there."

"They put out a press release and that pretty much explains the extent of it and where it's at," Kaman said. "The most I can say is I'm going to come out and play hard and do what I'm supposed to do and go from there."

We've talked before about the professionalism of Chris Kaman, traded without his knowledge from a reasonably good team (Los Angeles Clippers) to an awful one (New Orleans Hornets) as well as his positive acceptance of his new squad and city. The team holding him out of games in anticipation of a second trade in two months was probably tough for him to swallow as well, but credit once again to Kaman. It also sounds like the team has been very open with their center about the whole situation, the opposite of Kaman's perception of Clippers GM Neil Olshey's handling of the Chris Paul deal.