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Hornets Updates, 2/16

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Recaps of Hornets win at Bucks...Quotes from players...Carmelo Anthony could return for Knicks vs. Hornets Friday


Wrapping up last night's game:

Box Score

At the Hive

Associated Press

Brew Hoop


Brandon Jennings on the Hornets' Offensive Rebounds


"We're playing so hard, and then we give up an offensive rebound, and then we give up another offensive rebound, and you're kind of rolling your eyes and you're like, 'Geez!' And then they score or get fouled and you're back to Square One."


Chris Kaman on Tapping out to Belinelli


"That's hard for me because I don't like just hitting the ball because I don't know where it's going. But on that one I knew Marco was right there and I knew (Milwaukee's Stephen) Jackson was coming to me, so I knew all I could really do was tip it and it would get to Marco. I just wanted to get the ball back for our team because we were only up two points and it was a key possession."


Carmelo Anthony Could Return vs. Hornets on Friday

From New York Times:

Carmelo Anthony could return to the lineup Friday, against the New Orleans Hornets, Mike D’Antoni said. Anthony did some running Wednesday as he continued his recovery from a strained groin muscle.