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Hornets Lose to the HEAT

Mike Ehrmann

That went as expected.

Some thoughts:

- Robin Lopez had his way offensively against Miami's front line (20 points on 10 shots). His interior defense was more than suspect at times, as he gave up easy shots to much smaller players, but his overall impact was almost certainly a positive.

- It was a forgettable game for the backcourt -- Greivis Vasquez missed 4 of 6 shots with 4 turnovers, Brian Roberts had probably his worst game thus far (2 for 9) while Austin Rivers was pretty Austin Riversy. "Poor guard play" has been a recurring theme for New Orleans, and one that's not going away any time soon.

- Al-Farouq Aminu's induction into Monty Williams doghouse was temporarily stalled as he got 8 minutes. I still don't really know why he'd be whole-scale benched in the first place, and defending LeBron James with Xavier Henry was a horribly flawed idea from the start.

- The front court of Jason Smith, Ryan Anderson, and Lopez put together 56 points on 31 shots. The rest of the team had a woeful 34 on 47.

- There's some talk that Anthony Davis could return next week. It's as yet unconfirmed, but at the very least, it's a sliver of hope on the horizon. Davis has now missed 70% of his games as a Hornets, topped only by Eric Gordon's whopping 90%.