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Pavel Riha | Creative Commons

The good news is this is a cool dinosaur! The bad news is that none of the Hornets news from the weekend is good news.

First, a word on the Psittacosaurus via here:

This beak is how it got its name, which means "parrot reptile." Although Psittacosaurus did not have a neck frill, it had a small, shelflike edge on the back of its skull. This may have been the beginning of a frill. Psittacosaurus had no horns or large frill for protection; it probably escaped predators by running quickly.


- Anthony Davis will be out, at minimum, one more week and is currently not participating in contact work.

- From late last week: there's still no timetable for Eric Gordon.

- Hornets veterans apparently held a meeting after the latest blowout at the hands of the Thunder. Cool, I guess.

- This piece from Jeff Duncan at the Times-Pic -- "The buzz is gone for the Hornets" -- is relatively reactionary and largely ignorant of the growing pains that essentially every draft-built contender has gone through.

But I think it still captures the state of mind of the average fan quite accurately. Fans haven't been showing up to games with the prospect of a second consecutive crash-and-burn season staring us squarely in the face.