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Dear 2013 Santa

Scott Barbour

In no particular order, some things I'd like to see happen by December 25th, 2013:

- Eric Gordon playing regularly, biweekly, irregularly, monthly or anything else that isn't synonymous with "never."

- More realistically, Eric Gordon understanding the concept of restricted free agency, or at the very least ceasing to release statements once a month that display his spectacular confusion on the subject.

- Anthony Davis winning R.O.Y.

- Robin Lopez not ranking second last among centers in defensive rebounding.

- Someone uploading a HD version of the pelicans scene at the end of Jurassic Park to youtube because that scene is awesome and as of the revelations of the past month, now doubly so.

- Somehow keeping our old colors?

- A top 3 draft pick Making the playoffs! (wink, wink)