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Hornets Lose to the Clippers

Harry How

Nothing edgy, nothing suspenseful, nothing worth the price of admission -- just a straight up, straight down beating.

New Orleans is terribly poor at basketball, and at this point, even the return of Eric Gordon seems unlikely to transform this into a halfway mediocre squad. The problems are myriad and against an athletic, talented, and newly defensively disciplined team in the Clippers, insurmountable from the opening tip.

It's sad when you have to consider a 73% defensive rebound rate -- New Orleans' figure tonight and right at the league average -- a smashing success, but that's where we're at. 22% turnover rate? Awful for most other teams, but the new normal for us. And interior defense? Let's not go there.

The Hornets fell flat on their faces on both sides of the ball. As usual.

- Ryan Anderson played his worst game of the year, missing all 8 of his threes, and 3 of his five 2s. That was just.. bad.

- Anthony Davis and Robin Lopez were the bright spots; Lopez bludgeoned the Clips' front line to the tune of 22 and 9 on 10 of 16 shots, and Davis had 16 and 5 in addition to some very encouraging defense on Blake Griffin. Davis swatted Griffin's first shot cleanly and continually was able to prevent Griffin backing him down. Eventually, Chris Paul and pick and rolls ripped the matchup to shreds, but I liked what I saw from the defensive isolation section of the evening.

- Greivis Vasquez will be lambasted for missing 6 of 7 shots and committing 6 turnovers, but I did feel like his passing game was more on point tonight than it was in Oakland. Yesterday, he missed open players (especially Davis) with alarming regularity, but he made the right pass more often than not against the Clippers. It doesn't excuse the shooting though.

- Why does Al-Farouq Aminu no longer get minutes? I don't know. Why do Darius Miller and Brian Roberts -- two of our better players -- only get garbage time minutes? No idea. I hope it's some sort of (perhaps misguided) motivational ploy on the part of Monty because leaving these three guys out for the longer term is not smart.

- Man, we suck.

Final - 12.19.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
New Orleans Hornets 16 22 18 21 77
Los Angeles Clippers 22 26 27 18 93

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