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Pelicans Logo Design Contest...VOTE!

A consortium of graphic designers have submitted their ideas for the new New Orleans Pelicans logo. You can go vote for your favorite in this completely unofficial poll.

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Sports Illustrated reported yesterday that the decision to switch from Hornets to Pelicans may not be final, with New Orleans filing for four other potential (and extremely hilarious) team names.

Nonetheless, design blog 99designs is holding a really cool Pelican logo contest:

Tattoos are permanent. So branding yourself with your favorite sports team’s logo might seem absurd. But sports connect people — communities, cities, entire countries come together to show their passion for their favorites. None of us at 99designs have tattoos of our favorite teams (a T-shirt or body paint will do), but we do LOVE basketball!

Recently, the New Orleans’ basketball team changed their name from the Hornets to the Pelicans. New Orleans, Louisiana is dear to some of us here at 99designs as we have a personal tie to the city. So mixing this with our interest in sports is enough to get excited about branding their team.

But… a pelican? How can you make a pelican fun, yet fierce? We knew YOU, our designer community, could “slam dunk” the challenge. It’s time to bring your A-game.

The site has attracted a lot of creative entries so far; you can find all the logos up for vote right here.

It's unclear at this point what connection these designs would have with the official team logo, though it's clear from the selection thus far that a number of these can be considered professional quality. And however it all ends up playing out, it's neat to see talented artists taking an interest in the Hornets' new logo and mascot.